The immediate goal of the Foundation is to provide more scholarships to students of low-income families in need of financial assistance. While all students that apply are the best and brightest in their class, we want to assist in providing the opportunity to attend college to those who might not otherwise be financially able without our help.

In addition, we would like to have funding to provide for a larger number of these types of scholarships and would like to provide a larger award to make a greater impact on covering the cost of the education of these students.

For over 46 years the achievements of more than 5500 students have been recognized at our dinners with over 400 of these students’ receiving scholarships. Our continuing mission is to honor these outstanding scholars both with the dinner at the Breakers Hotel and with as many scholarships as we can provide. We need your help to support these students as they attend the finest colleges and universities in the country, pursuing careers as leaders in fields as diverse and exciting as biomedical engineering and instrumental performance.

As we go forward we need your support in these annual ventures:

RECOGNITION DINNER – The 2024 Annual Dinner will be held at the Breakers Hotel on April 2, 2024. We hope the dinner will continue to provide a historic venue where students are honored for their achievements with an evening unlike any that they have ever experienced.

SCHOLARSHIPS – one of the Foundation’s goals is to award as many scholarships as possible each year to the many deserving students in attendance. Your contribution will allow more students to continue in their quest for academic excellence.

ADVERTISE – to celebrate the 46th recognition event, we will be providing each individual in attendance, over 300, with the 46th Annual Dinner Commemorative Program. Join us in honoring them by purchasing an advertisement for you or your business.

Please continue to the Donations Page for complete information on these three levels of support.