The immediate goal of the Foundation is to provide more scholarships to students of low-income families in need of financial assistance. While all students that apply are the best and brightest in their class, we want to assist in providing the opportunity to attend college to those who might not otherwise be financially able without our help.

In addition, we would like to have funding to provide for a larger number of these types of scholarships and would like to provide a larger award to make a greater impact on covering the cost of the education of these students.

The Foundation has been successful for more than 35 years and has an endowment to help ensure that the recognition program continues. There are five scholarships that are endowed in perpetuity and four that are designated by the Board each year for funding. We want to make sure that the recognition program continues, so we must find sponsors each year for the additional scholarships we award and underwriting for the dinner. Currently, there are a small number of sponsors who fund scholarships each year and help cover dinner costs. While the Foundation would like to award every student that attends the dinner a scholarship, in 2015 there were 183 in attendance and funding for 27 scholarships. Returning for the ninth year, we were provided a full four-year tuition scholarship from Florida Atlantic University to award at our Dinner. We also provided a full four-year tuition scholarship to Lynn University for the fourth year. Additional grants would help to maintain or increase the number of scholarships we could award to those who are the most in need.